The Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally getting Android 10

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been plagued by issues ever since its initial release, but lately, the phone hasn’t been discussed as much as it used to — the Z Flip stole its spotlight. Samsung also doesn’t seem to be too interested in its first foldable anymore as software development is going rather slow for the $2,000 device. However, according to SamMobile, it’s now finally receiving an update to Android 10 that also brings along many One UI 2.1 enhancements.

The 2.2GB OTA file elevates the security patch level to the one from March and comes with all the goodies you can expect from the new Android release. There is a system-wide dark mode, privacy enhancements to location permissions, and a revised take on gesture navigation. One UI 2.1 should bring a screen recorder, quick settings changes, and improvements to incoming calls.

The update seems to be limited to the 4G version of the phone in France at the moment, though it’s hard to pinpoint which countries exactly receive the software already since there are comparatively few units of the Fold in the wild. Check your system settings to see if you can download it. The rollout comes only a short time after the Galaxy S10 and Note10 have started to receive an update that gives them some One UI 2.1 improvements, so the Fold is finally on-par with Samsung’s other 2019 flagships.

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