10 Reasons why Midea Infiniwash range of washing machines is best for you this rainy season

The rains are here, and it feels good, doesn’t it? Only if you are snuggled up in front of your laptop watching Netflix with a hot cup of coffee! But the rains are also a nightmare for you and your clothes. Managing wet laundry during rains is a huge hassle. Firstly, drying them takes hours on end.

Secondly, since you can’t dry them outside on the clothesline, the house fills up with that damp cloth smell that basically never leaves.

And we’re not even touching upon the several health issues that drying clothes indoors poses, especially for people with breathing difficulties or conditions like asthma.

This rainy season, technology is coming to your aid, to help you say goodbye to all your rainy season laundry woes. And the help is coming in the form of a unique, innovative and energy-efficient range of Infiniwash Washing Machines by Midea.

The machines which are available on Flipkart, includes their flagship model (MWM085COM), an 8.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with Sensor Drying Technology! This machine is here to take your load away. Don’t believe us? Here’s what makes the Infiniwash range a blessing for the rainy season:

10 Reason Reasons why Midea Infiniwash range of washing machines is best for you this rainy season

1. Protects your favourite clothes from excessive drying

The ergonomically designed flagship model (MWM085COM), comes with a Sensor Drying Technology that detects/checks the humidity LEVEL to decide whether to continue drying or stop. This ensures your garments always look as good as new.

2. Water Magic Cube

Magic Cube technology uses less water and gives greater cleaning speed. Midea Infiniwash machines can reach up to 200 RPM (from just 60 RPM) to permeate the fabric fibres thereby removing tough stains against conventional front loader with variable wash speed up to 150 RPM.

These benefits not only save you money but also give you a richer washing experience.

3. 16 Wash Programs

Sometimes it is difficult to decide between the various modes which would suit your clothes, what temperature or how many wash cycles to set. Midea’s washing machine comes with 16 wash modes that are easy to understand for both laundry novices and veterans so that they can wash their clothes in the best way possible. These 16 wash programs are precisely defined for all your wash and clothing needs. Silk or cotton, printed or colored, Jeans or sportswear, Midea’s got you covered for a flawless washing experience!

4. Energy Efficient

The machine is rated in A+++ category by EU energy efficiency directive which means that Midea washing machines are made to give you the best washing experience with minimum energy consumption.

5. A Powerful motor

The machine comes with a powerful motor that is designed to be tough on dirt and stains to give you clothes that are truly clean.

6. Quick Wash for clothes that need less

Midea understands that not all clothes require long, intensive cleaning. So it has a feature that’s designed to quickly wash those smaller loads of lightly soiled clothing while saving your time, money and energy

7. Jumbo LED Panel Display

The machine comes with LED Panel Display that isn’t just convenient but smart. It tells you everything you need to know from washing modes to time remaining, which you can also see from far sitting on your chair comfortably.

8. Bigger Doors

Washing small loads of clothes is easy but what happens when you come from long vacations and there is a huge load of clothes to wash or when you want to clean your curtains. Fitting such big portions is a tough task. The machine has a bigger door that allows you to wash a larger load of clothes with ease by giving you convenient access.

9. Anti-Bacterial Gasket

Washing machines have watertight, airtight doors that are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that not only make your clothes smell bad but can also make you very sick.  This is especially true during the rainy season. Midea washing machines have an Anti-Bacterial Gasket, to ensure it is always clean and free of mould to give you a truly hygienic washing experience.

10. Crystal Cradle Drum with advanced S-Shaped sprinkler rib

This drum features multiple pores and 2196 spray holes to ensure that your clothes are scrubbed and cleaned with care. The spray holes keep the water spraying evenly through your load to give you stain-free clothes, consistently. Its convex shape helps in minimizing friction so that your clothes remain soft and fresh as they’re meant to be.


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Midea Washing Machines are available on Flipkart. Flipkart is also running a limited period exchange offer, where consumers can save big money on their purchases.