14 injured in turbulence on flight from Mauritius

During strong turbulence during a long-haul flight of Mauritius to Madrid 14 people suffered minor injuries. As the Spanish charter company, Evelop announced on Wednesday, the Airbus 330 330 meters dropped off. However, the plane had landed safely on Tuesday evening at the airport of Madrid.

The injured suffered minor bruises and were taken to hospital for treatment. All were reportedly released after a short time. Three of the injured were flight attendants, according to Evelop.

14 injured in turbulence on flight from Mauritius2

One passenger told radio station Cadena Ser that the passengers had “literally flown over the seats”, some had hit the ceiling, others against the neighboring seats.

According to the airline, the buckle-up signs were on when the plane went into turbulence. Evelop is based in the Balearic Islands and offers short and long haul flights from Spain and Portugal.

Similar incident in July over the Pacific

Just last month, 37 people were injured on a flight from Vancouver to Sydney, Among them were nine seriously injured. The machine was diverted to Hawaii.

Travelers reported that the plane had collapsed very suddenly. Passengers who were not wearing a suit flew to the ceiling. “We’ve been in turmoil and we’ve all hit the roof, everything has gone down,” Jess Smith told local media. People and objects had flown through the cabin.

According to the US aviation authority, the Boeing 777-200 was at almost 11,000 meters altitude at the time. Onboard were 269 passengers and 15 employees.