4 Simple tips to help organize your photos on Google Photos

Google Photos allows storage of seemingly endless image memory without paying a penny. But if you have up to thousands of photos in the app, managing them is not that easy.

Synthesize photos into albums

The most basic solution for organizing photos on Google Photos is to set up albums in the steps below:

– Choose the image and video you want to give to the album. When you are on Google Photos, hold down Shift and click on each item you want to select; In the mobile app, tap and hold your finger on a photo for a few seconds, and then tap the items you want to add

– Click or click the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen and select “Albums”. The notification panel is then selected “New album” (If you want to share the album, select “Shared album”. If you’re not sure that you’ve shared success, don’t be too worried by any albums that can be shared later.)

– Name the album and click/Tap the blue tick to save the album

Any albums created will appear in the “Albums” tab. If you want to add photos to an existing album, follow the same steps as above, but instead of creating a new album, like the second step, find and select the album you want to add photos from the album list.

Switch to Automatic mode

The downside of creating albums is that users will be time-consuming to create them. But if users only need one album to show all images of specific people or pets, Google Photos will automatically aggregate you in the following ways:

Select the Albums” tab

– On the site, click the Blue “Create” option in the top right corner of the screen; Also in the application, click on the Option “New album” below the Large “Album”

– Click or tap on the option to automatically add photos of people and pets, then select the faces you want to include

– Click or press “Confirm”

– Set the title for the album, then click or tap the arrow in the corner of the screen to exit.

Google Photos will manually transfer photos to the album for you and continue to add new related items each day when they appear in the user’s photo vault.

Take advantage of the Favorites feature

Another effective way to keep track of featured photos and videos for printing or sharing later is to take advantage of the favorites system built into Photos and mark the special items as below screenshot :

– Open any image or video in your photo vault.

– Tap or click the Star icon in the top right corner of the screen.

All your favorites will be grouped together in the “Favorites” folder at the top of the “albums” page.

Search and classification

Whether the user is aware of or not, Google’s AI constantly arranges your photo inventory by person, location and many other characteristics. To improve how Photos self-organized photo inventory for you, please follow these steps:

– Click on the “Albums” tab and notice the row on the same screen.

– Select “People” (or “People & Pets”) to see your photos and videos categorized by the face that appear in the photo.

– Select “Place” to explore photo stock based on the locations where the photos were taken.

– Select “Things” to browse by topic. All items categorized from selfies, holiday screenshots, locations (such as parks, zoos and beaches) and selected types of subjects are filtered from the photos.

You can also use the search bar to find photos that match the keywords or other similar keywords that you’d like to find. You can even combine multiple keywords together, such as “Concert year 2013”, “Wedding Bouquet”, “Paris Museum” or “blue shirt”.