Actual photo of the new ASUS ROG Laptop series: Equipped with Core I9, GTX 1660 TI

According to ASUS, these are new products that focus on powerful performance not only for gamers but also more interested in people in creative industry, by the cost of an excessively high workstation and the need for people in this industry-focused gaming laptop. Days a lot more.


SCAR III’s screen offers the advantage of the fast-paced FPS games with a 3ms response time with a 240Hz IPS IGZO backlight that delivers a motion picture without shade. Combined with Intel Core I9 CPUS and graphics cards to RTX 2070 delivers peak performance along with an incredibly large frame.
With the Keystone key, users can create an encrypted Shadow Drive hidden drive to store private confidential data.

The performance of Strix III is attributed to the 3D cooling system designed by the BMW Designworks Group, which enhances the efficiency of air suction. Besides the HyperStrike keyboard with 2mm it delivers precise and fast control.

Zephyrus S GX502

Unlike other men’s products such as GX501, Zephyrus S GX502 has come back with a “traditional” keyboard design to provide an easier-to-use experience for users especially gamers.

ASUS said Zephyrus GX502 is also equipped with a super fast 240Hz/3MS display with the PANTONE Validated certification, making FPS games smooth and clear to ensure the true colors for content creators. In addition, technology converts exclusively from NIVIDA  G-Sync for maximum performance to NVIDIA Optimus to help save battery power.A unique cooling system with the bottom is open.

The AAS cooling system expands to allow machines equipped with GeForce RTX 2070 graphics cards reaching 1540MHz pulse at 115W with ROG Boost in Turbo mode, reaching the pulse level and capacity for standard-size gaming laptop models.

With a thickness of only 18.9 mm and weighing only 2.0 kg, it is a laptop gaming that possesses mobile capabilities with a robust configuration.

Zephyrus M GU502

Owning some of the same specs as Zephyrus S GX502, GU502 is considered a “collapsed” version to ensure optimal performance but is easier to accept. Armed with graphics cards up to the GTX 1660 Ti or RTX 2060, the machine is still full of power to push the frame up 3 digits with popular titles.Zephyrus S and M looks quite similar

Zephyrus M GU502 is equipped with the PANTONE screen Validated with a scanning frequency of 144Hz/3MS still ensures a perfect quality for gamers and content-making people. The machine supports charging via USB-C port and for battery life promises up to 8 hours.Only the upper part of Zephyrus M’s keyboard does not have gas exhaust holes such as the S.

Although it is not equipped with the FAT cooling technology, the GU502 still has 4 radiator slots to ensure the performance when the GPU pulse rises high. In addition, GU502 is equipped with an RGB Per-Key keyboard, ESS SABER DAC, which supports dual NVMe SSDS with RAID0 as Zephyrus S.

Zephyrus G GA502

Other than the above 2 Zephyrus, G502 is equipped with AMD Ryzen processors for more affordable pricing. GA502 using the GeForce GTX 1660Ti Max-Q graphics card can run a high-pulse speed with ROG Boost, combined with a 120Hz IPS display that delivers smooth frames.

The CPU usage of the AMD Ryzen 4 Core 8 threading delivers high-energy performance, helping the machine have a battery life of up to seven hours. Despite being a gaming laptop but GA502 is not equipped with a colour light that uses a white keyboard lamp for looks like a normal machine.

It is probably also a step to cut down on the price for the product. However, with mobile users (as well as office and gaming hours of free time), this is probably the most suitable laptop because of the little attention caused by lighting in the working environment.