Adopt a pet: Lola and Irish, Thor and Binx are looking for a newnew home. Can you help?

Are you looking to get a new pet? Why not adopt one of these adorable pets from Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home.

Lola and Irish
Lola and Irish

This pretty duo are looking for a home together. Lola (black and white) is five and Irish (tabby) is four-years-old, they are both neutered females.

They can be shy and timid until they get to know you.

They are indoor cats and would ideally like a quiet home together with someone who has time to let them settle in and gain their confidence. They would make a ready made family for someone on their own.

Thor may be a little dog, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in the size of his of attitude.

He is four-years-old and has been neutered. He is not suitable to be homed around children and will need an adult-only household. He has been around other dogs and lived with a cat previously.

Thor will need a new home with someone who understands his little dog syndrome that has the patience to build up a bond with him.

Binx is a cuddly boy one-year-old boy who has been neutered.

He is not suitable to be homed around children, but loves being in the company of adults, and adores being made a fuss of.

Binx is an indoor cat and he is not used to other pets. He is accustomed to being the centre of attention, and would make a great comapnion for someone in need of some company.