Best Air Purifiers for Pets

Approximately 68 percent of American households have some sort of pet within them. It makes sense, they’re lovable, cuddly, and for many, are a best friend.

Unfortunately, love doesn’t stop pet dander. And, that’s not helpful for the 10 to 20 percent of people, worldwide, who have pet-related allergies.

However, being allergic to a furry friend doesn’t have to mean owning one is impossible.

We’re lucky enough to live in a time where air purifiers for pets exist. You don’t need to spend your nights in agony as you attempt to fall asleep breathing through your mouth. You don’t need to clog your nose for hours on end just to give your dog some belly rubs. The pain of pet allergies can be over; there is a solution.

Air purifiers come in many shapes and sizes, and they’re made for pets as well as other particles that can dirty your breathing air.

But, what are the best air purifiers for pets? Luckily for you, I have an answer.

Air purifiers can be for many different areas and have different features associated with each one. So, I’ve compiled the best five air purifiers for pets to help accommodate whatever situation you find yourself in.

Let’s dive in.

The Five Best Air Purifiers for Pets

Below is a table I’ve created to highlight the best features of each air purifier and why you might want them.

If you’re wanting an in-depth review of each model and what they can do you for you, fret not. We’ll get to that below.

Here is the table:

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Keeping Your Air Fresh With the Best

It’s time to break out the magnifying glass and examine each of these purifiers.

We’ll cover some specifications, uses, analyze the highlights and list the overall pros and cons.

Take a deep breath because I’m about to change your air.

Germ Guardian AC4100

The Germ Guardian brings clean air to almost any small-sized area you’d want it in. And, it does so while killing more than just pet dander.

The AC4100 utilities a HEPA filter to trap allergens and other small, tiny particles that may unwelcomingly join your airspace. You can expect pet hair, dust, and other particles of similar size to find themselves in a vacuum of despair as you enjoy your fresh air.

Beyond your typical pet hair and other unwanted flecks of grossness, the AC4100 is also fully equipped to potentially save your life. It uses UV-C light to help kill many airborne viruses that can cause a lot more damage than a stuffy nose. These viruses include rhinovirus, influenza, and more.

An EMT-like air filter PLUS pet dander relief? Yes, please.

Using the UV-C light is optional, just in case you feel overly-confident in your health.

You’ll also find that it has three-speed settings to keep your air filtration at the perfect level.

The size and design of this filter are also unique. It looks very similar to what a desktop speaker would look like. It is almost the same length and width of a normal desktop speaker.

It’s perfect if you’d like an air purifier to naturally blend into your room or office and keep staying fresh with clean air.

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LEVOIT Air Purifier

The LEVOIT air purifier brings modern technology to a modern home. If you want an air purifier to also double as your guide through quality air control, you may have hit a home run by finding this.

LEVOIT utilizes an advanced 3-stage filtration system. You’ll find more stages to filtration in some higher-end products, but 3 will generally do you fine.

The 3-stage system is broken down into pre-filter, True HEPA Filter, and High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filters.

Using this combined powerhouse of an air-filtration system, your air will rival the freshness of the vegetable aisle on delivery day at your local grocery store.

This product also comes with a variety of modern features.

It’s high-efficiency, you can expect this purifier to pummel the worst of your air four times an hour. In other words, it circulates the room air more than four times an hour. Every 15 minutes or less your air will refresh itself.

LEVOIT also introduces a handy-dandy night light with this purifier. You can choose between two brightness settings to use at night to ensure you have no unwanted light disturbing you from your much-needed slumber.

Finally, LEVOIT uses an automatic filter change system. Every six to eight months your air purifier will set off an indicator to remind you it’s time to renew the battle against gross air with a new filter.

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Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Do you have an office that has a bring your pet to work day? Do you have large spaces throughout your house? Is your kitchen completely run rampant by your numerous cats?

If yes to any of those questions, you should consider the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50. It’s designed to move an enormous amount of air for up to 900 square feet of pace.

You shouldn’t use this for your room – it’s way overqualified.

It features air quality and light sensors. The power button will change colors as the sensor detects the uncleanliness that air may bring. It updates in real-time so you can know the second that your air becomes too tainted for your lungs.

This auto mode is more than just a detector, it’ll automatically clean too. It’s perfect for maximum laziness as it’ll only turn on when the quality of your air has become unacceptable. That’s customer service.

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OION Technologies B-1000

The B-1000 capitalizes on your air purification interest to offer a way to lose less money while using their air purifier.  

It features the standard HEPA filters to remove pet hair and other larger particles, but it can do so with much less stress on your electricity bill.

It uses only 7.5-watts of power for some of the lowest energy consumption you can find on the air purifier market.

It can also remove airborne pollutants that are as small as 0.1 microns. This can be smoke, dust, allergens, pet dander, and much, much more. If you have trouble with more than just pet dander, this can more than likely remove it from your vicinity.

The B-1000 has four different air cleaning technologies to accomplish this.

These are electrostatic ionizing purification technology (incredibly modern-sounding, right?), carbon filtration to attack odors, UV-C technology to prevent several airborne illnesses from contaminating your area, and ozone purification to rid your air of germs.

Not only is this amazing for pets, but it can also get rid of so much more too.

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RENPHO Air Purifier

RENPHO takes the cleanliness of your air to another level with a 5-stage Filtration System.

The system is broken down into the washable pre-filter, charcoal filter, activated carbon filter, TRUE HEPA Filter, and a standard filter. It will circulate your air a respectable three times per hour. Pet dander and hair never stood a chance.

RENPHO gives the effort to produce quality enhancements to your life by using this air purifier.

It uses what they call “Whisper-Quiet Operation.” That’s marketing to say it comes with a sleep mode. You’ll find that your child’s bedroom, or yours, won’t have a constant hum that rings throughout your house.

There is also a child lock mode that ensures that your kids, or nosy pets, won’t alter it while it’s functioning.

Finally, you’ll be happy to note that it comes with a filter replacement indicator. Don’t worry about forgetting to change your air filter – you can! RENPHO will remind you with an indicator light that will begin to flash when it’s time to replace your filter.

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Getting Your Money’s Worth

It’s great that you know about the top five air purifiers for pets on the market, but which one is you right you?

The different offerings each air purifier offers will benefit everyone differently, depending on your scenario.

Here are some of the most important features you should look out for.

1. Automatic Modes

Automatic modes make your life simple. You already have a pet, you don’t need the additional stress of an air purifier of all things.

These modes can be automatic operating modes to ensure your air is constantly clean without running your purifier the whole time.

They can be automatic reminders to change your filter, so you don’t have to mark it on your calendar and pretend like the date for the change is imprinted into your memory.

They can also come in the form of automated times that your air purifier is set to run. Is no one home in the day? Set the purifier to turn on right before you come home so you don’t waste the electricity while no one can enjoy the purifier.

2. Ultra Violet Bulbs

Ultraviolet bulbs are important if you want your air purifier to do more than just pet dander and hairs.

These bulbs can be used to sterilize the air and remove many pathogens that can infect you or your loved ones as a disease.

If you’re a germ freak, like me, a winter-flu can ruin your entire holiday mood. This can help ensure you never run into that issue.

3. Ion Generators

Ion generators are is your beefy defensive line on the game field. Negative ions are charged particles that stick together. This can lead to the formation of clumps of dust and hair throughout your household.

By using a purifier with an Ion generator, you can help break down these clusters and remove them from your room. It’s perfect for beating down even the toughest rooms.

In Summary

Not all air purifiers for pets are made for everyone. It depends on your needs, room size, and how often you’d want it to run.

This guide for the best air purifiers for pets covers all of that plus more. By now, you should have obtained a Bachelor’s in Air Purification with a Minor in Pets.

Remember to keep in mind all of the different factors that come into play when deciding which air purifier is best suited for you.

The bulbs, settings, extra features, and more all add up. At the end of the day, you need to be sure about your motive for buying an air purifier for your pets before you make your decision.