Best Place to Put an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are devices created to eliminate microorganisms present in the place where you are and stimulating the cleanliness of the air in your home or work area. 

These cleaning machines tend to remove pollutants in the air, such as dust, pollen, smoke, animal hair and dander, lint, and other bacteria. The air purifier is responsible for disintegrating these harmful germs thanks to its system consisting of a HEPA filter, which helps to collect large amounts of dust and pollen inside. 

If you have one of these devices at home or in your workplace, they can be useful and beneficial, since there is the possibility that you live or frequent around children, the elderly or people with respiratory and asthmatic problems. 

Best Place to Put an Air Purifier? 

Often when people buy an air purifier, they wonder where to put it. Regularly, those who have it usually put them in rooms and living rooms, since they are the most frequent places. Some even put them in offices or work areas. 

You must take into account that the position and place where you locate your air purifier is essential. We say this because, from that same place where the device is found, it will fulfill its function as a microorganism remover and air cleaner. But if you do not position your machine well, it is very likely that it will not perform its task properly, so it will not be able to eliminate contaminants. 

So that’s why there are always doubts regarding the location of the air purifier. Therefore, we have the answer to these uncertainties. 

Recommendations on Where to Place an Air Purifier 

Your air purifier should be placed in a place where contamination is most abundant. In this case, we refer to the sites that are most exposed to contracting bacteria. 

You can locate it next to the place or area where a person smokes frequently. While the device is in this space, it will absorb all the smoke and cigarette butts from the cigarettes, thus preventing them from entering the house. 

You could also place it next to the room where you sleep or right at the entrance to the living room. If you have pets and someone in your family is allergic to their lint or hair, it is recommended to place the air purifier outside of that person’s room when they go to sleep. 

Even putting it inside the kitchen is a great idea, but only turn it on when you’re not cooking, as it can generate moisture on the spot and cause damage to your air purifier. 

However, you should never place them in the center of a room. Air purifiers work from the front as their windows absorb everything in front of them. Placing it in the center will only cause the particles in the air to further disperse. 

Do not even consider putting them in places where people or animals transit because they can knock you down by accident, causing damage to the device. 

Also, it is necessary to keep air purifiers away from electronic devices. If it were to be placed next to these, the device could stop working correctly. 

You should keep windows and doors closed, preventing more pollutants from entering your home and dirtying all the clean air that you and your family breathe.