How to Clean Air Purifier?

Today the world is increasingly polluted due to our carelessness, especially the air pollution that resides around the entire planet. 

It is common to see the use of transport vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) every day, releasing carbon monoxide into the environment and toxic substances that are released into the air. That generates the biodegradation of the space in which we all usually breathe. 

Many times it affects the health of people at home, causing illness, or simply creating an area that is harmful to the family’s health. 

For this same reason, there is an apparatus capable of repelling all germs, microbes and bacteria that exist in the air. We talk about air purifier, which is a device that is usually kept in homes or work environments. 

It can remove polluting agents and reduce as many as possible of persistent particles in the air that can be harmful to health. 

How to Clean Air Purifier? 

Air purifiers are useful and have the ability to absorb everything around you. That includes fluff, animal hair, kitchen and tobacco smoke, dust, tiny dust mites, and other volatile microorganisms. The latter mentioned is risky for the health of your family, especially if you live with children, the elderly and people who have asthma. 

Your air purifier can get dirty internally as time goes by, and you will need to clean it to use it again. 

When servicing an air purifier, it is necessary to clean the following parts of it: 


It is always recommended to unplug your air purifier before moving it or starting to take it apart. 

You must unscrew the cap and start cleaning the pre-filter. Particles such as large fluff, hair, and large amounts of dust often adhere easily to the pre-filter. That causes the air outlet to be sealed. 

The way to clean the pre-filter is with water and a little soap, while you run your fingers delicately through the panel, deepening the cleaning. 

Then you have to let it dry completely before reinstalling it in the air purifier. This process can be done once a month to preserve the care of the device. 

Permanent Filters or HEPA Filters 

You can gently vacuum permanent filters like the HEPA filter. You must perform this process every few months to disintegrate the organisms that are trapped on the surface of the device. You should not use water, detergents or household cleaners at all in the permanent filters of the air purifier. 

There are permanent filters that can be washable, and on that occasion, it is necessary to clean it with water. You can identify them using the labels that are attached to them. 

Air Filters 

The air filter and purifier are very delicate, so never scratch them with sharp or pointed objects. If an air filter is damaged, the purifier may become unusable and will require the purchase of a new one. 

To avoid this, you can use compressed air to completely remove the dust that remains on the top of the air filter. 

There are also air filters that can be washed with soap and water. The labels that are attached to them are a warning so you can clean them with liquids.